Halloween Polka Dot Favors


polkadot ghostIt’s never too early to start planning your Polka Dot Halloween Party.   These polka dot styled marshmallow favors made to look like festive ghosts.

They are as simple as wrapping your marshmallows in elongated cellophane and typing with a black polka dot ribbon.  Finish them with drawing on a face and you have a festive, inexpensive way to share treats!

Polka Dot Pretzels


Another Halloween festive idea is to take some store bought pretzels and then dip them in colored chocolate (melted white chocolate with added food coloring).  Sprinkle with black and orange candies and wrap them in cellophane.  I would finish them off with an orange and black polka dot ribbon and surprise my neighbors with these handmade polka dot gifts.


Thanks to the Swanky Chic Fete for these great ideas!

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