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April 2010

Hello Kitty Polka Dot Purse

April 30, 2010
hello kitty tote

Hello Kitty ~ polka dots! I remember when FAO Schwartz was the only store that carried her. Now, you can find her adorable face is so many stores. This tote and wallet set has a great big black and white polka dot bow! I love that! Loungefly Hello Kitty Big Polka Dot Bow Tote Bag […]

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Burt’s Bees Polka Dot Case

April 28, 2010

Burt’s Bees Polka Dot Style! Burt’s Bees is a great way to moisturize organically! Check out the cute polka dot case with this set. Burts Bees Polka-Dot Perfect Mani-Pedi, 1.05 lbs Box Tweet This Post

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Oakley Polka Dot Sunglasses

April 27, 2010
oakley sunglasses

I love Oakley! They have the best sunglasses, backpacks and workout gear ever. I found these polka dot style sunglasses while browsing the internet.  I think I need to take a gander into the Oakley store at the Florida mall. They really have some great finds and you gotta love the polka dot Oakley emblem! […]

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Nike Polka Dot Shoes

April 26, 2010
nike polka dot

Just Do It! Take a stroll through your local Finish Line store and you may find these cool Polka Dot Nike shoes.  Nike manufactures this cute, fashionable running gear.  I did not see them listed on the internet, but my local Finish Line had them, in the store, on sale for $34.99. Polka Dot… Polka […]

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Polka Dot Hair Dryer

April 24, 2010
hair dryer

My latest polka dot purchase from Target! This is a really cute polka dot hair dryer by Remington.  Target had them on sale for $17! Tweet This Post

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Polka Dot Garters

April 24, 2010

Getting married?  Show off your undergarment taste, at the reception, with one of these adorable polka dot garters. Garters by Kristy offers this fun and flirty polka dot items for only $18.99. They are sheer black and white polka dot organza with a hot pink satin band and bow!  Too cute! The Garter Girl has […]

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Fun Polka Dot Facebook App

April 22, 2010

Check out this cute facebook application.  It’s called the Name Analyzer and I just love the Polka Dot Letters…. of course! Polka Dots… Polka Dots… Polka Dots on Facebook! Tweet This Post

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Galvanized Tubs Polka Dot Parties

April 22, 2010
galvanized tub

There are so many great ideas for these unique polka dot galvanized tubs! Create a Polka Dot Garden Party:  Fill it with ice and add your favorite beverage. Give a Polka Dot Gift Tub:  Fill this will organic towels, soaps and powders. Create a Dramatic Polka Dot Centerpiece: Add your favorite wild flowers or fill […]

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Polka Dot Spooneez ~ New Product

April 22, 2010

Creative moms ~ Great Creative Idea! Polka dot fabric Spooneez! Roll up your little ones mess with Spooneez! For mom’s on the go, Spooneez are an easy solution for finding a sanitary place to wrap up baby and toddler utensils. They are portable, washable and extremely convenient.  They’re offered in three sizes with great polka […]

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Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers

April 21, 2010
cupcake wrapper

The Little Lollipop Tree offers these yummy polka dot cupcake wrappers.  They are handmade and created entirely from card stock. There are 24 polka dot wrappers for only $8.50 Polka Dots… Polka Dots… Polka Dot Cupcake Wrappers! Tweet This Post

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Polka Dot Graphic Art Stickers

April 20, 2010
wall letters

Lots and lots of polka dots! These are a must have for your teen or tween!  Don’t want to paint? Then update a room in minutes by applying these vinyl wall polka dot stickers.  Have a child going to college? Use these polka dot wall graphics in a DORM! They range in size from 2 […]

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Here Fishy Fishy Polka Dot

April 19, 2010

Blowin Bubbles Boutique, an Ebay store, is offering this adorable swing top and patch jeans.  This cute fishy print will reminds of of good ole Dr. Suess! The polka dots add the perfect compliment.  It’s custom made to your girls size ranging from  2-8. Handmade in Central Florida! Polka Dots… Polka Dots… Polka Dots on […]

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Elegant Polka Dot Gift Tags

April 19, 2010

Polka Dot Tag, you’re it! I found these cute polka dot gift tags on ETSY ~ My favorite place for polka dot “handmade” items!  These are a great way to add a touch of polka dot whimsy to a Mother’s Day Gift! Elegant Polka Dot Gift Tags.  Handmade set of 12! ETSY:  Polka Dot Papser […]

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Polka Dot Luggage Tags

April 19, 2010

Do you have the same basic black luggage as 90% of the people in airports? If so, then check out these little owl polka dot luggage tags.  Some have an adorable polka dot fabric design and they will make it easy to find your luggage. I actually have “Polka Dot” luggage ~ Imagine that! The […]

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Unique Polka Dot Crayon Holder

April 16, 2010

What a great polka dot idea! Etsy has some amazing and cleaver artesians.  I love this little polka dot crayon holder.  This would be a great way to organize colors for either an airplane or car trip.  If you spend most of your day transporting kids, then this little polka dot gadget will come in […]

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Pampered Pets in Polka Dots

April 15, 2010

Pampered Pets in Polka Dots… Say that three times fast! If you like to spoil your pet, then this orange sherbert flavored polka dot pet bed is sure to feed your fancy.  It makes quite the fashion statement for your dog or cat and comes in these adorable polka dots! Share the love for polka […]

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